Sarah Horn is an independent Designer and Illustrator from the UK, currently based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Sarah is an all-round designer with a passion for all things creative; capable and experienced with working on a project from start to finish, from concept stage to delivery. Sarah has a passion for brand identities and print but can apply herself to any set of project problems and solutions with the aim of creating comprehensive and distinctive design work for the client. Her dedication to considered and effective work mean that Sarah is well-suited to meeting challenges from any angle; be they editorial, corporate or media-focused. Sarah is experienced in both print and digital design for a wide variety of businesses.

Sarah has worked at multi-disciplinary communications studios in Manchester and London. Throughout her time at Detail, Instruct and JAM, she worked on a wide range of projects, from creating new brand identities to event collateral and web assets.

In 2014 she began working for brand communication agency Hatched. Sarah was able to work across both the print and digital teams and designed for a mixture of clients such as Hever Castle & Gardens, Cawston Press, LoveGold, UPP and Prickett & Ellis.

Sarah has a love of pins and brooches and in 2016 founded Snazzy Pins, where she designs her own. She also co-curates InspoFinds, a design inspiration curation platform run with fellow creative Naomi Bassey. Currently, Sarah is a freelance designer working to deliver quality design work to independent clients as well as within agencies. Working on such projects as Women's Equality Party Lantum, Square Cherry Productions and the University of Antwerp, Sarah is building a robust portfolio of connections and looking to continue challenging herself with new and exciting projects.

If you have a project in mind or wish to enquire about freelance availability please get in touch.

Sarah built this site from scratch with the help of Superhi!

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